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How often have we said “Gosh, I should have” or “If only I had” If you wait until you “SHOULD HAVE HAD” a home safe, you have waited too long. No one expects to be a victim of identity theft, flood or fire. A HOME SAFE protects your valuables from fire, water damage as well as theft.

When thinking about a HOME SAFE most people immediately think about fine jewelry, rare coins and currency. Almost as a second thought is the security and safe keeping of irreplaceable documents:Stock Certificates, marriage licenses, Death Certificates, Property Deeds as well as priceless family heirlooms, photos, letters etc.

You’ll never be able to protect against every eventuality but having a home safe will give you peace of mind and confidence in knowing you have taken that extra step in protecting your valuables.

Another reason for having a home safe these days is to ensure that your electronic data is just as safe as your hard copy documents. This is becoming even more important in this information age. Store and protect your CDs, DVDs, USB ports; flash and hard drives from theft, fire and water damage. Make sure your digital media receives the same protection as your other valuables-back up often and then entrust your media storage to a safe.

Water damage usually happens fast and furious and when you least expect it. Make sure those things that are important to you remain safe and dry! Of course, when you have a home fire it can strike swiftly and the aftermath can be devastating. It’s critical that your important documents, electronic data, memories and valuables are secure in a home safe.

Home burglary is just another reason as to why you should have a home safe. The majority of home burglaries involve forcible entry and burglars target homes more often than non-residential structures.

Lastly, IDENTITY THEFT remains the number one concern among consumers and a very big threat to your financial security. Consider keeping such items as social security cards, credit cards, passports, insurance information, financial records, tax information, birth certificates, mortgage statements, business documents safe and secure. Family heirlooms, collectibles and memorabilia are items that can never be replaced- Sleep well every night, enjoy your vacation knowing those items which mean so much to your families history are “safely” stored out of harms way. The Lockshop in Palm Desert has a complete inventory of SAFES and VAULTS to meet your needs. They will show you many options and suggest the one best suited to you. DELIVERY and INSTALLATION are part of the services provided by owner Mike Hardin and his technical team.